​Weekly Wednesday evening community classes at Wailupe Community Center, Honolulu, HI coming soon!

If you are interested in private or semi-private classes taught in your home, please contact Lindsey for further inquiry. These individualized sessions are tailored to clients' needs.

Yoga Outreach Understanding and Resources for Everyone

you are - classes

individual Yoga therapy sessions


You Are Yoga 

group yoga classes

​Workshops are two to four hour one-time events that focus on specific themes.

Current workshops offered include:

Yoga for Calming the Mind, Yoga for Energizing the Body and Mind, Yoga for Confidence, Yoga for Self Awareness, Yoga for Relaxation, Yoga for Stress Management and Yoga for Goals and Intentions.

In these workshops participants practice relaxation, physical postures, breathing and meditation techniques.  

Please inquire about specialty workshops.