Where is our place in the world? Do we have one or are we searching for one? Perhaps we have a distinct memory that can immediately draw us back into a familiar and loved place and immerse us in the sensations that we felt there – immerse us in our sense of place.

What about when we feel disconnected?  This inside feeling radiates outward and back again, and impacts so many of our body’s systems.  What if we could reconnect ourselves to our place in the world? This may mean a physical locale or a certain scenic landscape.  It could mean a larger sense of belonging to the Earth. In any case, creating connections to self and place build resiliency within us that contributes to the strength of humanity.

Practicing yoga creates not only inner personal body and mind connections but also creates greater connections from ourselves to the outside world.  We may believe our thoughts stay within ourselves, but actually, the energy produced by thinking transmits beyond our brains and bodies.  In fact, our thoughts affect those of others and vice versa. In yoga, through a positive practice and awareness of self, we extend our energetic inner beings outward, and with this choice, we affect the immediate environments of others in positive ways.

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Yoga and Sense of Place 

You Are Yoga 

Yoga classes offer anyone the opportunity to engage in a physical yoga practice that incorporates breathing and meditation techniques.

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​Specialty classes such as kids', prenatal, postpartum, restorative and strengthening yoga emphasize physical practice for a specific audience. 

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Mindfulness yoga classes help individuals center themselves using various restful, energizing and thoughtful breathing and visualization practices.  
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Yoga therapy work with groups and individuals provides the opportunity for inner self healing and physical training through breath, poses and meditation that help restore balance to the body's many systems.  

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Yoga Outreach Understanding and Resources for Everyone

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