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My son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. Along with being a fun book for us to read together, this series has taught him how to better relate to his senses through the movements in the book. It has also provided him with an outlet for his energies and frustrations when he is feeling overwhelmed by the world around him. The text is cheerful and easy to read and the illustrations are so playful that it encourages both of my kids to join in! I can't recommend this book series enough for children who suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder or for any child that would benefit from a fun and playful way to incorporate exercise and a positive attitude into their daily routine!

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tommy & tina's Yoga Fun: A Children's book and Music Collection

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The Tommy and Tina's Yoga Fun project was inspired by two fantastic kids – Gabriel and Nathalia Johnson. In addition to schoolroom and yoga class settings, this book series and music album project is a perfect go-to for parents when reading and singing with their children at home. The books are interactive and everyone can follow along with the illustrations of poses or just enjoy the stories.

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Join Tommy & Tina for an energizing morning yoga story and practice, during their day as they practice a midday active yoga routine and as they wind down from their day with a calming yoga practice.

Sing along and practice yoga moves with the Tommy & Tina's Children's Choir. These favorite children's song tunes with new lyrics teach fun yoga activities to children's ages 3-10 years.

Sing Along Yoga Rhymes 

The CD was so adorable! I don't teach kids yoga but it made me want to....I can't believe how much thought was put into all of the songs. It's the cutest thing I've ever heard. From a yoga instructors perspective, it hits on everything I would want even an adult yogi to take away from their practice! BRAVO! Namaste, Nicki​